Link all your Social Media Pages

News 01:04 April 2024:

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There are so many social media platforms in the world today; the most popular ones being Instagram, twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. There are many more that have not been mentioned here. The main essence of social media is to interact with as many people as possible from all corners of the world. This then means that getting followers and likes on these social media platforms happens to be a very important thing. This is due to the simple fact that many people are getting interested in what you have to offer and thus your social pool is widening.

If you are looking to get free likes and free followers without having to put in a lot of effort, it would be good for you to link together your social media pages, especially those on these four very popular platforms. You can for example put a link on your Facebook profile leading to your Instagram page.  Begin a story on twitter and put a link leading to your Facebook page for the completion of the story. One thing though; ensure that all your content is interesting and it will pull the concentration of your target audience. This will get you a large number of likes and followers on all your social media platforms.

Take Advantage of Pop-up Boxes

When is the last time you visited any website and was not greeted by a pop-up box or one did not appear during your entire time there? It has been quite a while hasn’t it? Well, pop-up boxes have become very popular today. A lot of websites have them and they have been seen to be very effective at drawing the attention of traffic towards a particular topic or thing. If you are looking for ways to get free followers, pop-up boxes are definitely one of them.f1

As you set up your website put in pop-up boxes. These pop-up boxes should lead people to your social media pages. They can have the options to follow you, like your pages and so and so forth. Be careful at the setting of the popping up of the boxes. Do not set the timing such that the boxes are appearing every few minutes. This will be very annoying and will just drive people away from your website. Set it strategically and ensure that the boxes are not appearing one too many times; actually once is enough. The pop-up boxes will work very well to drive the traffic to your website to your social media pages and you will get many likes and followers.

Use Blogs in your Niche to Get Free Followers

Blogs are a huge source of information today. There are so many bloggers out there and they have so many followers. There are people who constantly read blogs and follow up on every activity that goes on in that blog. These are all people that could turn into free followers for you if you take the right steps; you simply need to make sure that they notice you and get interested in what more you have to offer.

Ways you can get more Free Followers Accidentally

Just like you, many of the most followed people on twitter did struggle to attract followers. Some of them probably read as many blog posts about twitter as you have, but today they enjoy the pride and engagement that comes with having thousands of free followers. Attracting many followers on any social media is therefore not impossible. You just need to learn and know what entices people to follow others.f2

For instance, did you know by simply mentioning your location in some of your tweets could get you more free likes? Most local businesses are ever looking for followers around their business location. Many other people also love following people from their city, even when at times they don’t share much in common. However, to ensure that you attract more followers who share the same interests as you do, learn to post a consistent line of content through and through. If you love fashion and designs, tweet more often about fashion, share your location and post good content as well.