Massage Chairs- The massage therapy

News 06:03 March 2024:

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The massage therapy has evolved over close to 5000 years.  This in essence is a long long time.  History tells us that the same began in ancient China and Egypt to be precise.  This goes back along time and sometimes it is a little difficult to peg a date on its evolvement.  One thing is sure; massage has been around and is here to stay.  Massage has been described in some forums as one of the best known time healers of the times.   In the ancient world there were no massage chairs and massage was undertaken by locally trained massage therapists. 

The human touch under a locally trained massage therapist bore greater health benefit to people of all ages.  This is the reason why massage is still in operation.  But one thing we need to ask ourselves is whether the massage therapy under massage therapists is still in demand?   Even though the advent of the chairs has considerably lessen the amount of work they had before, a few individuals still prefer the actual human touch compared to the comfort and ease the chair brings.  It is therefore not upon us to judge which is best.  Whatever the outcome, both cans till manage to work together to help the massage sector grow further.

Available research indicates that as far way back as 2700 BC massage was in use.  This has been documented clearly from the available Egyptian tombs painting and the early Chinese writings.  This shows us that these countries enjoyed massage therapy before the world had a chance to enjoy it at all.  They enjoyed the great benefits that massage brought before spreading to the Western culture where it took root in later years.  This allowed them to say goodbye to pain, tension and unnecessary headache.

One thing we need to appreciate is that whether massage is done by a massage therapists or massage chairs, the outcome still remains the same.  It is relaxing, therapeutic, stress reliever, reduction of tension of all kinds just to name a few.    A lot of important matters have been raised regarding the two.  Visiting a parlor involves spending extra money and can be costly in the long run.  Purchasing a chair is an economical way of being able to stay relaxed, healthy in the comfort of their home, the cost notwithstanding.   It allows the tight muscle to loose and relax at the same time.  A lot of question has been released on how massage eases depression.

Further available research indicates that close to 90% of illness are known to occur from depression and stress.  The two go together and cannot be separated.  It is therefore proper to say that depressed people can effectively benefit from massage.   Cortisol is a hormone associated with stress and depression and if it is in high levels depression is deemed to occur.  What massage does is that it lowers it to manageable levels.  When cortisol is lowered, serotonin is increased thereby allowing the body to boost and fight pain by muting signals of pain that is known to cause depression, feelings of sadness and anxiety.

Back to our earlier topic whether massage chairs will replace massage therapists.  Absolutely not!  There are people who cannot afford the services of the chairs and still prefer using the old known therapists.  There are people too who still cannot believe that they can find such services in a chair.  And it is also important to note that in many parts of the third world, and due to costs such chairs have not found there way there in plenty compared to their counterparts in more developed countries who not only have access to the chairs but a lot of basics and a better life.

Lastly, it’s just a matter of time before the same chairs find their way there.  If you care to check a lot of the second hand used chairs find their way to these countries at a cheaper cost, therefore, making it easier for even those in the third world countries to enjoy the benefit of the massage chairs.  But it still remains a privy of the few who can afford it.  And as discussed earlier, the number of massage therapists is still on the increase compared to other parts of the world.  Whatever the reason, massage therapists are still here to stay offering their incredible services.